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TWIP: This Week in Pop!

Amazing Comic Con Style

Amazing Comic Con believes that Pop Culture begins in the pages of comic books. While we march to our next live convention in Las Vegas, we will be posting Blog Entries of some of the coolest things that we experience. You may be familiar with “TWIP” - the sound affect of Spider-Man’s famous WEBBING, but it also stands for THIS WEEK IN POP. Here are some of the fun things the Amazing Comic Con Family has been a part of this past week—-


The Marvel Cinematic Universe had it’s latest entry at your local cineplex, and this Martial Arts Jam brought the fans back! While the movie had record setting grosses for an opening over Labor Day Weekend, the Rotten Tomatoes Score has continued to hold some of the highest markings for any super hero film.

We want to congratulate friend of the AMAZING COMIC CON: JIM STARLIN- he is the co-creator of Shang Chi. We brought him to our events in Las Vegas and Hawaii in previous years as he also created THANOS, and a many more.

Amazing Comic Con believes that the creators of these iconic figures are the Architects of Pop Culture. At each and every one of our events, we will have a focus on the men and women who originate and influence all the things we love!



Movie release dates have shifted greatly since the pandemic. The Studios have shifted favorites back, and forth- shuffling the deck, and sometimes leaving fans with question marks when they should rush back to the theatre. Wonder no more with VENOM: Let there be Carnage. Current date in the US is set for October 1 release.

Just in case you missed it…

#StarTrekDay lit up the internet on September 8. Of course we added to the fun with this fun picture from a few years past-

But even more important news dropped on #StarTrekDay-

Amazing Comic Con Family member- BONNIE GORDON has been announced as a voice actress on the upcoming Star Trek Prodigy Animated Series from Nickelodeon. Bonnie has performed as part of the Nerd Pop Duo THE LIBRARY BARDS, and has been featured at our events as the voice actress for Street Fighter’s Rainbow Mika. So happy that she will officially be part of the Star Trek Universe now too!


New Drops for SPIDER-MAN No Way Home had fans hunting for pop culture easter eggs.

And this is more than just a blast from the past-

The Wachowski Sisters have released the new MATRIX Trailer

Amazing Comic Con Fans- there’s so much to be excited about moving forward!

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con returns June 17-18-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Look for upcoming announcements for guests, tickets, and more in the coming weeks!


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