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Amazing Comic Con will be hosting an event in LAS VEGAS at the end of Summer.

Amazing Comic Con Presents a new Fan Experience Friday, August 9 & Saturday, August 10 at the Plaza Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas. 


This is special session expo takes place over the weekend on Friday and Saturday.  It is a quick hitting event, smaller in scale than a typical Amazing Comic Con event.  Las Vegas Fan Experience will be produced for community, for a summer season comic show.  Amazing Comic Con will resume in 2025 with June dates, in our full scale format.


The exhibit space is 25,000 square feet, and will have a limited number of vendors.  Priority will be initially be given to comics, collectibles, toys, and art.  Please turn in your applications as soon as possible to assure your placement.  We strongly encourage you to be very descriptive on your applications.  Exhibitors will be notified starting on Friday June 21 on placement.  Payment will be due immediately upon confirmation.


Exhibit Space will be $395 per booth.  

There will be a corner premium upgrade at $55.


Exhibit Space will be 10’x10’ which will include (1) 8ft Table.

You will be able to bring in additional tables, or additional 6ft tables can be reserved in advance for $100.

We are very limited on the number of Artist Alley Tables which will be available for this event.  Space will include a 6ft table for $195.


Load in will take place on Friday Morning from 10am to 3pm

Load Out will take place immediately following the event on Saturday evening starting at 5:15pm


Application to Exhibit at the 2024 Las Vegas Fan Experience is Available HERE.


Any Questions should be directed to our *NEW* email address—

A staff member will be ready with a speedy reply.

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