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I’m Ben Glibert and I’m the COO of Amazing Comic Conventions.

My focus is to make the events run as smoothly and enjoyable as possible. This goes for everyone - from our guests to our vendors, and especially our attendees. During an Amazing Comic Convention, you might catch me in any number of places- at the ticketing counter helping attendees get checked in, on the show floor managing a line, or even on convention microphone, letting you know what panels are about to start.

I have been a part of the Amazing Comic Con family for almost a decade! Originally hailing from a background in independent comics, I ran a small press booth and was a vendor at several of the Amazing events- from Arizona, the original Image Expo, to Las Vegas. I was impressed with the convivial family friendly environment at each of the shows, and the strong focus on the creators was something that was refreshing. I joined the staff part time as a floor manger in 2013, then working as the director of business affairs in 2016, before stepping into my current role as COO.

I am exceptionally grateful to be a part of the team, and the family dynamic at Amazing Comic Con. My goal is to continue to play a small role in creating so many great memories of the attendees in the coming years!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments and suggestions at:


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