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AMAZING COMIC CON- Always Representing the Front Line of Pop Culture in Your Community

During the last several weeks the JayBros. have been all consumed with prepping for Comic Comic International San Diego. After everything was said and done by the close of the 2019 event, we exhibited for our 24th consecutive year, operating 7 total booths, with 4 locations packed with widest selection of modern comics, key back issues, best selling graphic novels, discounted Omnibus books, and bargain trade paperbacks. Our team hustled to the convention floor, visited key publishers, and obtained some of the highly sought after exclusive items such variant comics, with some funko pops, statues, toys, and other merchandise. We spoke with publishers, professionals, vendors, creators, and fans.

The importance of the Comic Con is significant- we get a first hand look at what trends begin and end during the event season. This significantly impacts our approach to organizing and promoting the AMAZING COMIC CONVENTIONS in Honolulu, Hawaii in February and in Las Vegas in June. We believe Amazing Comic Conventions should bring some of the flavor of tentpole events such as SDCC, D23, NYCC, while remixing for the specific local communities. Marvel Phase Four. Blockbuster Film Franchises. Top Anime Classics. Nostalgia. Each will be represented.

Amazing Comic Cons will continue to highlight the ARCHITECTS OF POP CULTURE at our events- the creator who have impacted the movies we watch, The television shows we follow, the graphic novels we read, the video games we play, and the gear we collect. In previous years, headline talent for our events have included Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee, the Creator/Producer of the Walking Dead Robert Kirkman, Deadpool’s daddy with Rob Liefeld, Visionary artists like Todd McFarlane, DC Comics’ Jim Lee and the Avengers Infinity team lead by Jim Starlin and George Perez, and dozens of more. The bar has been set high for creators and we will continue to strive for greatness.

In the coming weeks, Amazing Comic Conventions will be releasing our guest lists for our 2020 events in Honolulu, Hawaii and in Las Vegas. Assembling a great cast is a year around process, and our staff has taken your feedback, and our direct observations from the front lines as we organize our next big events.

Please continue to follow us on social media-

Instagram @AmazingComicCon

We look forward to seeing at Amazing Comic Con event near you!

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