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Amazing Comic Con believes that comic creators are key to the event. Our event in Las Vegas June 14-15-16 is no exception as we boast our biggest selection and collection of artists, writers, publishers and makers ever to hit the state of Nevada. During our event, we strongly suggest to the fans to stroll through our extensive International Artists Alley and discover new favorites, and catch up with your favorites.

In the coming weeks before Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con opens ours doors for our LUCKY 7th Annual event, we will be spotlighting some of great names, skilled creators who will be appearing…

MARAT MYCHAELS has been a familiar face at the Amazing LAS VEGAS Comic Con. He is respected veteran breaking in to Image Comics launch with Brigade and other additional Extreme Comics. Over the next two decades he has pencilled for Marvel, DC 52, and more. His creator owned parody books DEAD POOH & HARDLY THINN are fan favorites in the artist alley; this work along with LADY DEATH covers have earned Marat Mychaels the title as the “homage king”. Marat’s back issues has rediscovered with DEADPOOL CORPS and X-Force: SHATTERSTAR leading the pack.

EDDIE NUNEZ returns to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con He is a fan favorite with an animated-fusion style which he brings to comics. He has provided exclusive cover for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as the Batman Crossover. Nunez is currently working in Austin Texas for Powerhouse Animation, the home for Netflix’s CASTLEVANIA and more.

RYAN KINKAID is another artist that has a growing fan following. He returns to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con with a ton of new work and creator credits that is growing by the day! Ryan is rising star, originally known for his great artist alley commissions. Recently he has completed exclusive covers for Dynamite, Lady Death, White Widow, Counterpoint Comics and more.

CARLOS D’ANDA is a creative dynamo, working in the fiends of both comic books and concept designs. A veteran from Wildstorm Studios, he later moved to Dark Horse completing their last STAR WARS series, which gained critical and fan acclaim. Other work at DC Comics include Justice League, Convergence Crossover, Cyborg, and more. Carlos also completed high profile variant covers for BATMAN-NINJA TURTLES, HARLEY QUINN, SUICIDE SQUAD, just to name a few. As for Concept designs, D’Anda’s work on ARKHAM CITY was extremely influential with his character designs, namely the Harley Quinn Arkham Nurse guise which were incorporated in films, and various comic stories.

AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON is back at the Las Vegas Convention Center June 14-15-16. For GUEST Updates, and MORE for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, please continue to check back on our official website and through our social media channels:

Instagram @AmazingComicCon

AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON is Nevada’s premiere pop culture Fan Fest, taking place June 14, 15, and 16, 2019. The event returns to the Las Vegas Convention Center bigger than ever before, a fusion of the very best creators and pop personalities in the world, added with local favorites from the Las Vegas Community, extensive programming, an International Artist Alley, giant vender happy with collectibles, toys and funk pops, and the Wizards of Cosplay.

Tickets for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con are ON SALE NOW. Single Day and full 3day admissions to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con are available, as well as a limited number of VIP and Premium Options. All are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Kids 10 and Under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

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