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On Thursdays, social media buzzes with #ThrowBackThursday, where people share great memories. Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con wants to take this opportunity on #TBT to showcase a creator we hosted on two occasions previously-


If you came to the South Point in 2015 or Las Vegas Convention Center summer 2016, you had the opportunity to meet one of the most influential artists of modern era. McNiven’s artwork is linked with Big Screen Film tie-ins such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America Civil War, and Wolverine…

#ThrowBackThursday has special new significance this week- Fox has just released the new Marvel Movie trailer for LOGAN, starring Hugh Jackman. Lots of direct links here to Steve McNiven’s legendary comic book run- OLD MAN LOGAN.

Check out the trailer- and let us know what what YOU think…

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con celebrates the Architects of Pop Culture- the creators who influence the comics, movies, tv, toys, games, and swag which we all love.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is the largest and longest running Pop Culture gathering in the State of Nevada. We return to the Las Vegas Convention Center June 23-24-25

Tickets will be on sale for next Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con in early 2017.

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