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AMAZING LAS VEGAS adds Legendary Guest: Creator, Marvel Editor in Chief- JIM SHOOTER!

The biggest comic con ever to be held in Las Vegas just got even bigger! It is our pleasure to announce the addition of one of the most important creative voices in the history of comics, JIM SHOOTER!

JIM SHOOTER is a visionary that shaped modern era of both comics and pop culture. He served as the Editor and Chief of Marvel Comics from 1978 through 1987. During his tenure, Marvel soared with classics such as Uncanny X-Men with Claremont & Byrne, Frank Miller’s Daredevil, Fantastic Four by Byrne, Wolverine’s first solo series, Walt Simonson’s Thor, and Roger Stern/George Perez pairing on Avengers and more. This era has been the centerpiece for the Marvel Cinamatic Universe. Other highlights of Shooter’s time as E-I-C is that he wrote the Marvel DC Inter-company crossover SUPERMAN & SPIDER-MAN, and created the Blockbuster mega crossover event with books such as MARVEL SECRET WARS.

In this time frame, the industry changed radically under Jim Shooter’s watch- he implemented groundbreaking creator owned publishing deals with Epic imprint, and furthered creator rights with art returns, creator royalties, and benchmark for ancillary products such as toys.

Jim Shooter was integral to pop culture in not just securing the licenses but creating the characters and stories of such properties such as GI JOE, TRANSFORMERS, and more

But more than just an administrator, Shooter was a top line creator with credits starting from the age of 14 years old where he wrote DC Comics’ Legion of Superheroes, and creating a number of characters such as Karate Kid, the Parasite and more. At Marvel, he won the Eagle Award for Best Continuing story on the AVENGERS, with George Perez. Shooter wrote SECRET WARS, introducing the Black Costume of Spider-Man, the Alien Symbiote, which would become VENOM.

Jim Shooter created the Valiant Universe, importing the Classic Gold Key Characters such as Magnus and Turok and building new characters and concepts. HARBINGER is in production as a motion picture at Sony, Shooter wrote the first 10 issues of this title. Shooter also created the character BLOODSHOT- also part of the Sony deal, in the pages of Rai #0

While the accomplishments and resume line items are impressive for Jim Shooter, a highlight of the 2015 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will be his two panel presentations, on Saturday and Sunday of the con where he will talk about his career experiences. Shooter will also be appearing at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con each of the 3 days of the event in the Artist Alley, meeting with fans and signing books.

AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON is the premiere pop culture event, featuring the very best comic creators in the world, extensive programming, and wizards of cosplay. The event takes place at the South Point Hotel and Casino June 19-20-21.

Tickets for the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con are ON SALE NOW through the South Point Box Office, with single day, Full 3 day admission, and a limited number of VIP Ticket packages. Kids 10 and under are always FREE with paid adult at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

Already have your ticket to AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON? UPGRADE your current ticket to one of the Limited VIP Packages today!


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