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Highlight Preview of a Jam Packed Cosplay Weekend

In our First Part of the AMAZING COSPLAY Preview, we talked a bit about Special Guests from the Heroes of Cosplay- Holly & Jessica, and some of the main panels and events. The Good time just keep rolling at AMAZING ALS VEGAS COMIC CON!

*COMING TO THE CON IN COSTUME has never been easier! Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con staff has coordinated with the fine folks at South Point to check in to the con, while STILL wearing make-up, masks, and carrying props. While the rule still holds firl that you can’t walk across casino floors like this, there will be a special COSPLAY ENTRANCE at that Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.

Simply Park on the 3rd Floor of the West building, follow the signs down the stairs and you can enter near the Arena. This Special Entrance for Costumers is open 2 hours BEFORE the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con each day, and 1 hour after the hall opens.

Here are the hours for special COSTUME ENTRANCE- Friday June 20 1:00pm- 4:00pm Saturday June 21 8:00am- 11:00am Sunday June 22 8:00am- 11:00am

When checking in you will still need to get all props Peace bonded with Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Staff, but this option gives a greater amount of flexibility for costumers to bring their top “A” Game when it comes to Cosplay Attire. Replica gear has a wider range using the COSTUME ENTRANCE as well.

Be Sure to Spread the Word of this last minute addition!

*COSPLAY DEMOS Jason Fowers and Guy Caldwell team up on sessions how to create great props. Since we feel that COSPLAY is for EVERYBODY, their Garage FX session on Saturday afternoon is perfect for the beginner and the expert costumers out there. Also, be sure to check out their work in the Arena Concourse- from full scale Spawn Characters to Giant Mallets and Swords- This might be Best Photo Op station is the building!

*COSTUME CONTESTS- Saturday Night is the main event for Costumers at the AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON. If you are contestant, you will want to check in between 5pm and 5:30 at Hall A Theatre Room. You will be given a number, and the judges will be watching, and asking questions. Here are the bios of two of the judges-

Felix Layne Felix Layne is a Southern California based cosplayer. The conventions she frequently attends include Anime Los Angeles and Anime Expo. She has been making a home in the cosplay community for the past six years making primarily historical and fantasy based costumes. She has won several awards in costume competitions for her design and construction. Upcoming project to look forward to will be her fashion line that she hopes to debut January 2015 which will be a grim take on some classic Lolita staples. This is Felix Layne’s first time coming to the AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON Twitter: @Layne_Felix

Mike Syfritt Mike Syfritt is an Arizona based cosplayer, graphic designer, prop builder. His company MAD PROPPS is a leader in steampunk and costuming gear. Mad Propps will also on display in the Arena area, where you can meet Mike, and see his craftsmanship up close. Syfritt has won many contests, and this is his second time judging an Amazing Comic Con event.

More Costume News are on the way too!

AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON takes place June 20-21-22 at the South Point Hotel & Casino. Single Day Tickets, Full3Day Admissions, and a VERY limited number of VIP Packages are available through the South Point Box Office, or by ordering HERE.


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