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7 Sketches

80s Rocker Mom

Accidental Aliens

Alexandria's Treasures


Amber Skies Creations

Andrew Yeager

Andy Carreon

Art By Jenisse

Art By Katee

Art By Ryson

Art By Terra Sanae

Art of David Wong

Art of James Bousema

Art of Mazzy

Art of Stpehanie Isidro

Ash Schultz

Ashleigh Popplewell

Ashley Was Framed

Atomic Mushroom Toys

Aura Apothecary

Author Cynthia Vespia

BadAx Art/ Norse Shore Studios

Bill & Jon Kurtz

Black Cat Designs

Blue Hippo Press- Alex Grey

Brandon James/ John Yurcaba IV 

Cardell Cole- CSC2 Comics

Carter Comics

CeeVee! illustrations

Cherubgem Art

Chris Hays - CCP Comics/

Charter Comics

CMC Stone Jewelry/

Art of Samantha Foster

Creation Abomination

Celestial Sister Boutique

Cole Hays - CCP Comics/

Charter Comics

Comics Forge

Corey Marshall

Customizable Surfaces


Dave Law Art & The Space Odditorium

David Sanchez - CCP Comics/

Charter Comics

Dawn Dininger &

TaMara Carlson-Woodard

Dimension Comics

Dirt Bag Art/ Short Fuse Studios

Dog Years, Amazing AZ Comics & Little something press

Doug Wagner

Dr. Hogan-Berry Emporium

Dream Light Jewelry

Elfpunk Galllery

Elusive Arts

Eroll See - CCP Comics/

Charter Comics

Fantasy Authors


Forbidden Panel


Georges Jeanty

GiGi Rockets


Greedy King

Hamimo Small Things


Inland Blue Comics

Jamie Tyndall

Jared Gifford

Javan "Illest uminati" Jordan


Jed Thomas

Jimmy Sparrow

Joanna Palmer Art

Johnni Kok Illustrations

Kahla Paints

Kaiju Graphix

ARTIST ALLEY (continued)

Kaylee Deplume


Keith Foster

Ken Salinas - VooDoodz

Knotty Box

Kodi N Carter


Kyle Brummond

Larry Hama

Laughing Moon

LFDF Comics


Lisa Arriola

Livio Ramondelli

Loco Pinatas

Maintaining Mediocrity

Marissa Pope

Mark Bagley

Mathew Kaufman, Jeff DePew,

Lance Taubold


McLain McGuire - CCP Comics/

Charter Comics


Michael Hicks Art

Michael Maysonet

Mooncraft Gifts


Morphin 3D Vegas

Msprenz55 & Doodlinjaz


Nerd JQ

Nik's Pix

Nortonman Art  Comics

Notorious Nikki Art

Opal Fox Fine Art 

Palamaran Adventures, LLC

Peony Lee Art

Phillip Ginn: Imaginator

Plot Twist Publishing

Poppin' Off Creations LLC


Project Helios

PropJosh Productions

Punch It! Graphics

Rabid Turtle Comics

Rebellion 5

Reesie Inks



Ryan Bangerter Art

Sarah Barrie Fenton

Sew Cool Comic Quilts & Crafts

Shawnsolo Games


Space Babes Art

St. Jimmy

Steven Oaks


TabbyAddams Illustration

Tara Strong

TC Sampang

Terry Mark

The Crescent Moon Boutique

The Knight Stand

The Nerdy Birdy Art Co.

The Tansy Patch

Tikigod Comics

TMH Studio

Tokyo Dog Designs

Velleity Studios LLC.

Gorilla Todd Comics Presents Vic Moya

Vixen Vision Design

Weegonza Bazaar

Wendy Steen Shaner - Naughty Faeries

Wes Hartman/Cosmic Roots Studio

Whispered Illusions


Zybrena Fine Art


501st Legion-Neon City Garrison

838 Collectibles

Aegis Sabers

Angelo's Comics

Angry Frog Art

Anime King


Anomaly Productions

Art and Jewelry of Sze Jones

Atomic Comics


Bird City Comics

Britttnee Braun Designs

Cartoon Passion


Collectors Universe & Anime Inc.

Comic Cellar

Cosmic Fluff

Critical Care Comics

Cut Out For Me

Damon Bowie

Dan Jurgens

Dark Phoenix Comics

Dirt Cheap Comics

Doxiesfan collectibles & Fuzzy n Fatman comics


Ed Robertson

Faerie Metal Photography 

Fire Force Comics

Flex Comics

Friars Dice

Gallery Panda

Gimp Comics

Gorilla Todd Comics

Greg White Comics


Guardians of Las Vegas

Gunpla Builders United


Kairo's Gift Shop

Kevin Eastman


Las Vegas Star Wars Collective


Mad Titan Comics

Mando Mercs Costuming Club

Margarito Tapia

Marketable Enterprises/ I like Crystals

Maximum Comics

McFly's Comics

MDS Enterprises

Merlin's Munchies Coffee Co.

Misty Mountain Gaming

Musetap Studios

Nature's Spirit Crystals

Neko Mission

Oddball Books

Omni Gaming

Ounce Comics

Pat's Affordables

Pesceffects- The Art Of Jerry Pesce

Phantasy Realms Art

Pono Comics & Collectibles

Rather Awesome

Rebel Legion

Red Hood Comics

Rogue Toys

Saber Guild-Nar Shaddaa

Samurai West

Scentsy, Laura Manibog

Shaw & Simmons LLC.

ShimpSonS ComicS

Silver Valley Fire Alliance

Sin City Comics

SKG Retrogaming


That Spider-man Booth

The Original Soda Guy


Toynk Toys



Travis Hanson

Triforce Cosplay & Accessories

Unknown Comics

V1 Tech

Vapor 95

We Are Dark

Zia Records

Zombie Patrol


*Exhibitor Booth - SOLD OUT

 10’x10′ area with (1) skirted 8ft table, 2 chairs, with drapes and side rails. Comes with 3 Exhibitor Passes for the show. 

*Artist Alley - $290

6’ table, 2 chairs, with 2 exhibitor admissions. This area is for people displaying their OWN creations/art/product only, not for traditional retail, or other transactions.

*Publisher/Creative Press - SOLD OUT

10’x10’ includes 8′ skirted table, 2 chairs, pipe drape and side rails, along with 3 exhibitor admissions. Similar to the traditional Exhibitor Booth, this option is available for publishers or creators only. If you have any questions whether or not this applies to you, please email specifics of your situation to

To book your placement to the AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON:

Step 1: Email a completed exhibitor agreement to our staff. You can download the agreement here, and click here to email it in.


Step 2: Pay for the space. Please note, you can do steps one and two at the same time, you do not have to wait for acceptance to book your space.


For payment, you can pay via PayPal or send a check or money order.


If paying via PayPal,  please be sure to include an additional $15 and send payment to


If  paying by check or money order, make sure payment is PAYABLE to AMAZING COMIC CONVENTIONS along to the following address:

Amazing Comic Conventions

13351 Riverside Drive #551

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

For questions about the show, or to book your placement, please contact our director of business development, Ben Glibert, at 


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