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Stay at the PLAZA HOTEL, the official hotel of the AMAZING LAS VEGAS FAN EXPERIENCE!

The Plaza Hotel is located in Downtown Las Vegas.

1 Main Street

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

(800) 634-6575

Great rooms and amenities.  Fantastic prices.  Free Parking.


You can book online at our group rate here:


Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Staff compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our 2024 Summer show at the Plaza Hotel August 9 and August 10.  This Pop Culture Expo event is referred to as the LAS VEGAS FAN EXPERIENCE



What is the Las Vegas Fan Experience?

Amazing Comic Con Presents a new Fan Experience August 9 & 10 at the Plaza Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas. This is special session expo takes place over the weekend on Friday and Saturday.


When does Las Vegas Fan Experience happen?

Las Vegas Fan Fan Experience by Amazing Comic Con takes place on Friday and Saturday- August 9 and August 10 2024 at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas.


Does the Las Vegas Fan Experience take place at the same location at previous years Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con?

NO!  Las Vegas Fan Experience is at a DIFFERENT LOCATION than other places Amazing Comic Con took place- this is NOT at the South Point Hotel nor is at any halls from the Las Vegas Convention Center, nor is at the Westgate or any other hotel that was previously linked with Amazing Comic Con.


Las Vegas Fan Experience takes place at the Plaza Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas located at 

1 Main St Las Vegas, NV 89101


What are the Show Hours for Las Vegas Fan Experience?

Friday, August 9- 5pm to 8pm 

Saturday, August 10- 10am to 5pm

*VIPs will receive Early Entrance to the Exhibit Hall Early


What is difference between this and the Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Fan Experience is a specialized POP UP  style event taking place at the Plaza Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas.  The show floor will be over 25,000 square feet of best collectible exhibitors that are jury selected, with a matching artist alley.  There are 100 vendors at this show, over the full ballroom at the Plaza Hotel along with the Desert Wind Showroom.  This is a two day event taking place THIS SUMMER on Friday August 9 and Saturday August 10 as a one time time show.


Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is the longest running Full Scale fan event in Las Vegas.  This is an all encompassing Fan expo that features a wide net of comics, entertainment, Pop Personality, Anime, Voice Actors, and More.  We will return to our annually scheduled event June 2025.


Why the change in formats for summer 2024?

Las Vegas is the flagship for Amazing Comic Conventions.  We expanded our brand to Nevada in 2013 with our first events at the South Point, before moving locations. In 2024, venues and calendar shifted, but it was important to our brand to keep a consistent presence in Las Vegas. The demand among the community, fans, and exhibitors led to this decision to return.  The return of the X-Men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe also contributed to this decision to return before 2025.  Quite simply this was best scenario to keep fandom moving forward.


What will I find on the convention floor?

While the size has been adjusted for the Las Vegas Fan Experience vs Amazing Comic Con events in the past, our staff is working overtime in bringing the best collectibles in the Las Vegas Vegas marketplace.  Starting with finest selection of comics from modern to vintage, along with fan favorites such as toys, merch, gear, and more.  There will be 100 booths at the show, giving public a vast array.  Also look out for Artist Alley Favorites with talented creators.


I want to EXHIBIT at Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas Fan Experience, how do I do this?

The Convention Floor is limited, and the format is slightly different than our full scale events in Las Vegas or Hawaii.  For the Las Vegas Fan Experience, please check the Exhibitors Page HERE.  Any questions, please feel free to send inquires to our staff at


When do Tickets Go On Sale?

Tickets will go on sale in Mid June for this event.  We will have regular admission and VIP available on a first come, first serve basis.  You will be able to purchase these online at discounted rate, or in person with standard rates applying. Please continue to check social media— and Instagram @AmazingComicCon- for updated information.


What Guests will be at Las Vegas Fan Experience by Amazing Comic Con?

Our Guests will be presented on our GUEST PAGE at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.


I see less a smaller number of guests compared to past years- can I suggest more specific names?

The Format and Scale of the Las Vegas Fan Experience is different than the standard Amazing Comic Con events- from the number of days to the size of the show floor, to MainStage programming.  As such, Las Vegas Fan Experience will still showcase Premium, hall of fame worthy talent to our special event.

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