Meet our Amazing Family!

BILL JAY, Co-Owner

I’m Bill Jay and I’m the Co-Owner of Amazing Comic Conventions.  We are a family run organization and I love working with my baby Brother Jimmy, and all of our closest friends.  We got our start on the comic business as retailers-  my brother and I put together our business out of college, establishing our retail dealership JAY COMICS with our Mom.


In addition to overseeing the general organization of Amazing Comic Cons,  I will be one of the first faces you see at our shows.  On Thursday nights, we run the VIP Early Check ins, as we distribute the swag bags and badges.  And right before you enter the main hall at the Convention Center, I’m usually running the MERCH BOOTH, where you can load up with Commemorative T-Shirts and Collectible Comics, and more.


Amazing Comic Conventions are everything that I loved about attending fan events growing up with my brother and mom.  I enjoying seeing hardcore collectors, as well as the most casual pop culture fans.



Jimmy S. Jay, Convention Organizer/CEO

Amazing Comic Con is a passion project that I started with my family in 2010.  Over the years we have produced a number of comic con experiences throughout the US, with our annual tent pole events in Las Vegas and Honolulu, Hawaii.  We believe that the best in pop culture starts with the comic books and their creators.  Therefore our shows focus on the Architects of Pop Culture- here the most diehard and casual fans can enjoy a weekend in a fun family setting.


You will see me just about everywhere during one of our shows- from introducing the talent on the main stage, to greeting fans at the door, to checking in with the vendors on the convention floor, or answering your questions in general.



I’m Ben Glibert and I’m the COO of Amazing Comic Conventions. My focus is to make the events run as smoothly and enjoyable as possible.  This goes for everyone - from our guests to our vendors, and especially our attendees. During an Amazing Comic Convention, you might catch me in any number of places- at the ticketing counter helping attendees get checked in, on the show floor managing a line, or even on convention microphone, letting you know what panels are about to start. 


I have been a part of the Amazing Comic Con family for almost a decade.  Originally hailing from a background in independent comics, I ran a small press booth and was a vendor at several of the Amazing events- from Arizona, the original Image Expo, to Las Vegas.  I was impressed with the convivial family friendly environment at each of the shows, and the strong focus on the creators was something that was refreshing.  I joined the staff part time as a floor manger in 2013, then working as the director of business affairs in 2016, before stepping into my current role as COO.


I am exceptionally grateful to be a part of the team, and the family dynamic at Amazing Comic Con.  My goal is to continue to play a small role in creating so many great memories of the attendees in the coming years!

Whitney Hayes, CMO

I’m Whitney and I recently joined the Amazing Family as Chief Marketing Officer. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and talk about what it means to be part of the family.


When I first got the download from Jimmy about the origin story of Amazing; I was so moved by the history, the meaning, the directives. Anyone can put on a great show, but it takes a special organization to put on a show that is dedicated to the fans and family that they’ve created.


As a mother I love the fact that Amazing has a dedicated family day- I love the morals and the guidelines that Amazing imbibes.


I cannot wait to contribute to the long and rich history of Amazing Comic Con and meet you all in Las Vegas on June 17-19th, 2022


My (virtual) door is always open for comments, suggestions, feedback and more:

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Ethel Stubberfield, Manger Purchasing & Merchandise

My name is Ethel Stubberfield and I've been a part of the Amazing Comic Con Family since 2012.  Over the years I have worked in a number of capacities such as the Registration Counter, Retail, and Creating the Green Room for our guests, but you will find my smiling face these days at the Merchandise Booth just outside the Front Entrance of the conventions.  A main job that I'm in charge of supervising the assembly of the VIP Packages and managing the Pre-Con Check-in on the Thursday evenings.  As a mother of two, a favorite part of the events is seeing the Parents and Children come through the door with wide eyes and excitement!